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Incredible Sex Moves Revealed by Bayswater Escorts

Bayswater is a quaint little area in the UK that is known for its country vibe and lifestyle. However, to those that imagine Bayswater as a timid place, they are highly mistaken. Bayswater is home to some rather adventurous escorts who aren’t afraid to try out a new position every now and then.

We asked them to let us know of some of the most incredible sex moves that they’ve come across throughout their time as a professional escort. They told us some incredible and adventurous moves that were awe inspiring to listen to. Here’s a few of them –

  1. Gilding the lily

    The escorts we questioned in Bayswater gave us some amazing tips and tricks to get the men worked up. One of the most touted trick was the stimulation of the perineum. The perineum is the soft and small surface that exists between the anus and the testicles. When that part is stimulated, men apparently howl with pleasure.
  2. New positions

    An escort in Bayswater spoke of a regular client who had a favourite position which he tried every time he visited her. Soon enough the visits turned mundane and boring because the man would simply keep doing the deed in the same position. The escort finally had enough and taught him a new position which changed the game. Gone are the days of missionary and rightly so!
  3. Dominating

    The number of escort Bayswater that told us this tip is incredible! Most people assume that men always like to dominate and that it helps them get off faster. However, that is not the case at all. According to the escorts of Bayswater, most of their clients prefer that the escorts dominate them. Usually most of the men ask them to pretend to be teachers and then scold them. Isn’t that naughty and nice?
  4. Sex toys

    Most people think that sex toys are for personal use and should only be used alone. That is totally not what the sec toys are for! Yes they do help when you’re pleasuring yourself but according to the escorts in Bayswater, the real fun with sex toys starts when you introduce them in the bed with your partner. The girls said that some of their clients insist on using a new sex toy every time they visit.
  5. Playing hard to get

    What we learnt in the streets of Bayswater, surprised us and still continues to do so. The girls told us that whenever they played hard to get and took all the time in the world to let the activities begin, their clients would go crazy with arousal! It’s one of the basic facts of life – we always want what we can’t get. If it helps spice things up in the bedroom then why not? It builds anticipation which in turns sends the blood rushing to all the right places.
  6. Dressing up

    This is another simple move that according to the girls of Bayswater is enough to drive any man wild and go weak in the knees. This works even better if the person, one is dressing up as, is someone from real life. That just takes the fantasy to a whole other level. The escorts of Bayswater let us know that most of time they dress up for their clients but sometimes they like it too if their clients dress up for them. Make a note of this one guys!
  7. Watching porn together

    Porn is a deeply personal thing. To be able to share that part of yourself with someone has got to be one of the most intimate things ever. Bayswater escorts let us know that most of their clients want to watch porn with them and also want to find out what porn turns them on. This, they say, makes them feel closer to each other. Although, they let us know that they don’t share their true preferences with anyone.
  8. Great oral sex

    Oral sex is one of the most pleasurable forms of sex and most people give it the due respect that it should get. The girls of Bayswater are quite experienced and know how to give the best blowjob one has ever received. Be sure to give them a call if you’re ever in Bayswater.

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